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Anyone in the world

Mobile app video presentation

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Anyone in the world
Follow the steps below to enroll in the Sample course Start Teaching with Moodle via the BHIMA LEARN app(Android Mobile device only)

1. Download the Google Play app with the name "Bhima Learn" by Bhima Innovations at the link

Click here for the link

2. Install the app on your device and open the app.

3. Create a new account
      Required: username and password 
                           email, first name, surname, city, country
4. Under security question Open the Security Question link at the bottom and select the captcha "I am not a robot" in a new window

5. Click on My New Account, Verification email will be sent to the email which was given in the 4th step. Click the link provided in the email to verify and the account will be successfully created.

6. login into the mobile app Bhima Learn with the username and password

7. Once login - under the site home tab, select available courses

8. Now you can self-enroll in the course "Start Teaching with Moodle" with ENROL ME option as student only

9. Once enrolled, the course page will appear, and you can take the course activities one by one and mark as done. 

10. The course completion is set with a checklist activity and enables the quiz activity in the course check.

11. Take the quiz, and select the option as a student to get the passing grade

12. Now you successfully completed the course and received the course badge on the course page and you can view the badges in the latest badges section in the dashboard.

13. You will be notified by emails and notifications in the mobile app.

14. Teachers can use the same app for instant notifications related to student activity completion and for grading activities. for the course, the content will be updated by the respective teacher role in the Moodle LMS site only.

15. For any info contact me at

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Anyone in the world

Here I am writing the ADDS Service installation on Windows server 2022 Server core step by step procedure

  1. After installation of Windows server 2022 server core, set up the Networking with a static IP address and primary DNS address as the same IP of domain controller static IP.
  2. use the following command for installation windows features Ad-Domain-Services and DNS at PowerShell prompt as below

Install-WindowsFeature -name Ad-Domain-Services -IncludeMgmtTools

Install-WindowsFeature -name DNS

The following script needs to execute after windows feature ADDS AND DNS installation to promote as a primary domain controller as ADDS Deployment

# Windows PowerShell script for AD DS Deployment

Import-Module ADDSDeployment
Install-ADDSForest `
-CreateDnsDelegation:$false `
-DatabasePath “C:\Windows\NTDS” `
-DomainMode “WinThreshold” `
-DomainName “bhima.local” `
-DomainNetbiosName “BHIMA” `
-ForestMode “WinThreshold” `
-InstallDns:$true `
-LogPath “C:\Windows\NTDS” `
-NoRebootOnCompletion:$false `
-SysvolPath “C:\Windows\SYSVOL” `

Reference link for detail understanding

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